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  • SWS | Concentrated Ginseng

    Concentrated Ginseng

    Discover the Power of Korean Ginseng

    Sulwhasoo calls upon every part of the precious ginseng plant, from root to stem to berry, to provide unprecedented anti-aging results.

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  • SWS | Choose 2 Promotion

    Beautiful Benefits

    Select up to 2 complimentary samples of Sulwhasoo skincare essentials with your purchase.*

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  • SWS | President's Day - Serums Trio

    Spotlight on Serums

    Experience 3 of Sulwhasoo's timeless serums with your purchase of $100 and above.*

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  • SWS | Perfecting Cushion Intense

    Unrivaled skin resilience

    Perfecting Cushion Intense

    Introducing Sulwhasoo's ultimate premium anti-aging cushion formulated with precious red pine extracts that deliver unrivaled radiance and resilience to the skin.

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  • SWS | ShineClassic

    Limited Edition

    Shineclassic Colorpact

    Inspired by plum blossoms, new Shineclassic Colorpact provides a highlighted flush to the cheeks with a luminous finish.

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  • SWS | First Care Activating Serum EX

    The Essential First Step

    First Care Activating Serum EX

    A global phenomenon that revolutionized beauty regimens around the world, boosting skincare results.

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Dedicated to harmonious beauty, Sulwhasoo blends time-honored Korean herbal wisdom and modern technology for skin care that transcends the effects of time.
Sulwhasoo follows the Eastern principle of balancing Yin and Yang within the body to achieve optimum skin health, combining rare and indigenous natural herbal ingredients known to restore energy essential for youthful skin. Experience the first brand to harvest the healing power of holistic skin care widely used in Asian beauty regimens for centuries.