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  • SWS | LE FCAS EX 2016


    Sulwhasoo’s best-selling boosting serum restores skin’s radiance and elevates skin clarity, now in a special, limited packaging featuring elegant Korean fine art.

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  • Sulwhasoo | Perfecting Cushion Brightening



    Perfecting Cushion Brightening

    Captivate with the natural luminosity of Magnolia and Pearlescent Complex for an immaculately clear, illuminated complexion.

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  • Sulwhasoo | Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

    Revive Skin Youth with Ginseng

    Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

    Formulated with the roots, berries, and water of rare five-year-old Korean Ginseng, this treatment stimulates cell regeneration to revitalize and ultimately restore youthful looking skin

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  • SWS Perfecting Cushion

    Naturally flawless complexion

    Perfecting Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

    A fresh, light-weight cushion foundation that delivers long-lasting coverage for a naturally flawless complexion.

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Dedicated to harmonious beauty, Sulwhasoo blends time-honored Korean herbal wisdom and modern technology for skin care that transcends the effects of time.
Sulwhasoo follows the Eastern principle of balancing Yin and Yang within the body to achieve optimum skin health, combining rare and indigenous natural herbal ingredients known to restore energy essential for youthful skin. Experience the first brand to harvest the healing power of holistic skin care widely used in Asian beauty regimens for centuries.