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  1. Herbal Soap

    An herbal soap to gently cleanse and revitalize the skin. Learn More
  2. Gentle Cleansing Foam EX

    A mild cleansing foam that effectively removes impurities without tightness. Learn More
  3. Refreshing Cleansing Foam for Men

    A daily scrub and cleansing foam with the optimal combination of natural walnut shell extracts and precious white ginseng powder to effectively remove the dead skin cells and impurities without irritation. Learn More
  4. Snowise EX White Ginseng Exfoliating Gel

    A wash-off mask formulated with White Ginseng Powder to purify and promote radiant-looking skin. Learn More

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  5. Gentle Cleansing Oil EX

    A mild cleansing oil with a refreshing texture that gently removes makeup and impurities. Learn More

Grid List