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Skin Balance


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  1. Makeup Balancer

    A makeup balancer that gently balances the skin's moisture content and evens out skin tone, creating a healthy foundation to the skin. Learn More
  2. Timetreasure Renovating Water EX

    A time-reversing toner to deliver luxurious hydration to the deepest layers of the skin. Learn More
  3. Essential Firming Cream EX

    A firming cream that nourishes the skin from deep within to restore resilience.

    Learn More
  4. Essential Renewing Eye Cream

    An age-defying eye cream that revitalizes the delicate skin around the eyes. Learn More
  5. Essential Revitalizing Serum EX

    A serum that revitalizes the skin from the inside and out to restore skin's vitality. Learn More
  6. Essential Balancing Water EX

    A gel-textured toner that prepares your skin for deep hydration. Learn More
  7. Luminature Essential Finisher EX

    Luminosity. Clarity. Seal in the benefits of your skincare regimen all day long. Change your skincare routine. Unveil your undiscovered luminosity. Learn More
  8. First Care Activating Serum EX

    Experience the global phenomenon that revolutionized beauty regimens around the world, boosting skincare results. Learn More
  9. Essential Duo Set

    Sulwhasoo's new limited edition Essential Duo Set is an exclusive start-to-finish set composed of both full size products and deluxe samples of the brand's signature Essential line. Learn More

Grid List