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holistic beauty Achieved through
Harmony and Balance
Sulwhasoo's philosophy is embodied in Korea's best-selling product, First Care Activating Serum EX. The holistic approach delivers harmony - the respect between human and nature,and balance between mind and body.
BALANCE Restored with
JAUM Balancing ComplexTM
First Care Activating Serum EX contains JAUM Balancing ComplexTM, an optimal blend of five precious herbs that restores skin's balance in the key aspects of skin nourishment, vitality, clarity, resilience and regeneration.
Skin's condition reaches a new equilibrium for its full potential.
BENEFITUnparalleled Radiance
from Restored Skin Balance
A variety of skin problems begin when the skin is thrown out of balance, such as lacking resilience and nourishment. First Care Activating Serum EX, the first step of the skincare routine, takes care of imbalance, the source of all skin issues like dullness and fatigue for healthy-looking and radiant skin.
Balance Skin
to Boost the Effects of Your
entire Skincare Regimen
Step 1 First Care
Activating Serum EX
Step 2Essential Balancing Water EX
Essential Balancing Emulsion EX
Step 3Essential
Firming Cream EX
Restore skin's balance for optimal
Vitality, Clarity, Regeneration, Resilience, and Nourishment