Sulwhasoo beauty represents holistic beauty. Our body’s features seen as whole in harmony and balance. This is where the dram of holistic beauty comes to life.

Holistic Formula

Sulwhasoo’s skincare focuses on finding and addressing the cause of skin problems, as well as visible .

Holistic Experience

Sulwhasoo presents beauty that finds harmony of body and mind, inside and out. Holistic beauty is completed with fragrances, smooth textures, and beauty rituals that awaken your five senses, and unique holistic care products that body and mind.



Harmony and Balance

The heart of Korean herbal medicine is the profound wisdom of Asia, our faith in a belief that we are one with nature. Just as everything in nature’s ecosystems circulates in balance, all our body’s parts are interconnected. For Korean herbal medicine, balance and creating harmony is vital for our body. The foundation of Sulwhasoo’s ideal beauty is Korean herbal medicine inspired by Asian wisdom.


The Holistic Beauty Journey

Korean Herbal Medicine Drawn from Asian Wisdom

Our journey to holistic beauty originates from this heritage of treasured knowledge that carefully treats the body and mind as one, an understanding that a single herb alone never suffices. We seek and combine only the best natural herbs using time-tested methods, extracting synergies and benefits from nature to conjure the true ideal of holistic beauty. Sulwhasoo empowers women to care deeply for their health and beauty with a complete method of restorative treatments to help them regain harmony and balance.




Sulwhasoo’s originator Suh Sung-Whan’s resolution to develop cosmetic products with ginseng led to the creation of the cosmetics that was the beginning of Sulwhasoo today.


Suh’s passion and commitment to ginseng led to the development of Ginseng SAMMI, cosmetic made with the extraction of saponin, ginseng’s active ingredient, from the plant’s leaves and flowers.


From SAMMI’s success, study on Korean traditional herbal ingredients expanded, finally leading to the launch of Sulwha, the name implying the bloom of a beautiful snow flower in springtime, as beauty blooms from women’s skin.


We added the final character for phenomenal “Soo(秀)” to complete the Sulwhasoo brand name, allowing the holistic beauty to fully bloom. Developed signature ingredient JAUM Balancing Complex™, and launched First Care Activating Serum.


Sulwhasoo opened its first boutique store in Hong Kong’s Central Building as a bridgehead for entering the global market.


With the lessons of Hong Kong in hand, Sulwhasoo made the momentous decision to set up operations in the United States in 2010. After thorough preparations, we opened a store in Bergdorf Goodman, New York.


Sulwhasoo began from a passion for ginseng 50 years ago, and now has become one of the most noticeable brands in the global cosmetic market, much sought after a department stores and duty free shops around the world. Sulwhasoo will continue to spread our value of holistic beauty with Asian wisdom and present our unique beauty to more global customers.