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Sulwhasoo’s principle for all its ingredients, completed through deep learning

Legendary ingredient for skin vitality


Korean Herbal Medicine Drawn from Asian Wisdom

Korean Ginseng is a legendary plant traditionally renowned for its potency. Sulwhasoo has devoted half a century to in-depth ginseng research, called Ginsenomics™, and continues to introduce the miraculous efficacies drawn from all parts of the ginseng, from its roots to the berries.

The 18-hour secret to restoring skin balance

JAUM Balancing Complex™

Korean Herbal Medicine Drawn from Asian Wisdom

As the core ingredient for the Sulwhasoo brand, JAUM Balancing Complex™ is our unique formula that helps the skin regain balance. Among over three thousand ingredients found in several ancient studies in Korean herbal medicine , five key ingredients were carefully selected to create synergy for optimal skin balance. After countless research efforts involving trial and error, we discovered that 18 hours is the ideal time needed to perfect the JAUM Balancing Complex™.